DD in December

Every Friday and Saturday in December we are helping you and your car get home for free!

How it works:

  • There is 1 designated driver car per location during the hours of 9PM-3AM.
  • Rides are on a first come first serve basis and available only within city limits.
  • You will be driven home in your car from the pub by a First Choice Designated driver employee.
  • How do I book my ride? There will be a table talker on each table with the phone number for the First Choice designated driver that is assigned to Victoria's Tavern. Text that number to arrange your ride home. The driver will respond to you to confirm your booking and when they are ready to drive you and your vehicle home. Once the driver has confirmed they are available to drive you home you will have of 5 minutes to settle your bill and make your way to the DD driver.
  • They drive you and your car home! Easy and safe! Remember to include the hashtag #vicsDD in your social media post about this amazing initiative!